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Travel Insurance Policies in Windsor

For many Canadians, supplemental health insurance is a prudent investment. Protect yourself and each member of your family by contacting Kafka Insurance Brokers Ltd. Our team will help find a health insurance policy that won’t break the bank but will provide reliable coverage for your entire family. Looking for Super Visa health insurance? We can help!

Travel Insurance

At Kafka Insurance Brokers, we offer our clients a variety of travel insurance options, including:

Year-Round, Worry-Free Travel

This policy covers individuals, up to age 89, for any number of trips in a year and each trip can be up to 45 days in duration.

Individual Travelers Under Age 55

This plan allows you to customize your requirements between any number of trips or by length of stay. We offer single trip policies for individuals up to age 89. We also offer coverage for trip cancellation, baggage insurance, visitors to Canada and student medical insurance.

You can read more about some of our options for travel insurance below or make an appointment to speak to one of travel insurance brokers in Windsor to find the most cost-effective insurance solutions for your needs.

Give us a call today to learn more about affordable travel and health insurance options in Windsor!

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