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Safeguard Your Future with Commercial Insurance

Kafka Insurance Brokers Ltd. is committed to helping businesses across Windsor find comprehensive, affordable commercial insurance policies.

Over the years, we’ve helped professionals from numerous industries find commercial insurance policies that fit their needs. We’ve been proud to help:

  • Contractors

  • Hair salon owners

  • Hospitality professionals

  • Commercial building owners

  • Festival and special event organizers

  • Bed and breakfast owners

  • Hole-in-one

  • Aviation companies

  • Mobile food vendors

  • Daycare operators

  • Jewellers

  • Sports and entertainment professionals

  • Roofers

We’ve matched these dynamic teams with a range of insurance policies, including:

  • Auto

  • Farm

  • Business

  • Medical malpractice

  • Commercial general liability

  • Hole-in-one

  • Jeweller’s block

  • Directors and officers liability

No matter what you or your business is planning, Kafka Insurance Brokers in Windsor can help you find the perfect policy. Schedule an appointment today to meet with our staff in person.

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